Gnome - handspun patchwork yarn

$37.00 (Coming soon)

This is a custom request for one 3.5-4 oz skein of handspun yarn in the Gnome colorway. Average yardage is 130-180 yds per skein, bulky weight. 16 different colors, plied together for a tweedy striping effect when knit or crocheted. Each batch is unique due to the nature of hand dyeing, and so the yarn you recieve will be very similar to the photos but not exactly the same. Spun from soft and lofty merino cross wool (mostly merino, with a bit of corriedale for a longer staple length and better wear) from DHF farm in the falkland islands. They don't use any herbicides, pesticides, dips, footbaths or regular injections on their sheep, and no bleach or other chemicals in the processing of the wool - so it is, according to them, some of the purest, cleanest wool you will find on the planet.

Yarns will be hand dyed and spun to order, so it will take approx. 4 weeks to receive your finished yarn(s). If you order multiple skeins of any colorway, all of them will be from the same dyelot.